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Destinos de Navegación Colombia


Sailing in Cartagena

Cartagena de Indias, the colonial, the Heroic, a world heritage city, has many places of interest for visitors: imposing monuments and a formidable history.


This city is the nautical capital of Colombia with formidable destinations within the bay, or outside it with spectacular beaches and unique islands all possible navigations during a day or several.

Among its destinations are nearby private bays, virgin beaches between mangroves and natural islands.

Sailing in Santa Marta


The coastal city of Santa Marta can be visited at any time of the year and is always ready to offer the best "sun and beach" experiences, cultural exchange, nature and adventure.

In Santa Marta we sail during the day to beaches such as Inca Inca, Garnet, Taganga and all the bays of the Tayrona maritimo.


Santa Marta is one of the best destinations in the world as a natural destination with enormous biodiversity and the highest Sierra Nevada near the sea creating several bays and unique beaches where the mystical mountain enters the sea in beautiful beaches.

Sailing in Cholon and Rosario Islands

The Rosario Islands are an archipelago of several islands approximately 25 minutes from the center of Cartagena, approximately 4 hours sailing on sailboats.


Between these islands there are channels, natural destinations, beautiful beaches and secure anchorages. There are also hotels of different levels for those who want to try their meals and services as well as an excellent diving option.

Sailing in San Bernardo

In the western section of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, is the department of Sucre where you can visit places that are rarely part of the itinerary of international tourists, the towns of Tolú and Coveñas and the beautiful islands of San Bernardo.


The archipelago of San Bernardo is composed of 10 beautiful islands with tourism levels much lower than those closest to Cartagena. They are an excellent choice of care, diving, fishing and local culture. Here you will find several beautiful beaches and beautiful natural destinations. They are also an excellent option for sea food of the locals.

Sailing in the
Tayrona Bays - Santa Marta

Close to Santa Marta, there are 5 bays where the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta rests in the foothills of Tayrona Park, entering the sea sacredly.


There will be 5 bays, Concha, Chengue, Neguanje, Gairaca and Cinto. Each one more spectacular than the previous one. These bays offer good protection, marine life and great landscapes. Where we can anchor peacefully.

Sailing in San Blas Panama

This Panamanian jewel shines by itself. The archipelago of San Blas has 365 islands; mostly uninhabited. It is considered one of the most special destinations worldwide as a destination for sailing because it is the best way to enjoy this unique natural and cultural destination in the world.

A few others - around 40 - are managed by Kuna indigenous people, members of the Kuna Yala region that inhabit this area of almost 200 kilometers, located on the Panamanian north coast.


This destination is one of the favorites for those looking for the true paradisiacal destination of the Caribbean and ideal for rentals of 5 days or more.

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