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Veleros Colombia shares its passion for Cruising Sailboats with students of different profiles. It is not required to have previous experience and the philosophy is "learn navigating" when carrying out the complete courses navigating between 2-7 days.


THE FIRST STAGE consists of the introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels. In this stage the student will learn how to maneuver a boat, adjust the sails, and maintain the desired course, as well as identify the marine signals, learn to read nautical charts, find their position in the water and identify the elements of the natural world that affect the waters and winds.

At the end of these 3 courses the student will have a basic knowledge of all aspects related to this type of Sailboats and will have sailed in different boats for more than 400 nautical miles being the Patron of several of them with night experiences and important emergency exercises, like the basic knowledge. At the end you will also obtain your Yate Pattern license for national waters granted by accredited instructors which complements your training.

Navegación a vela colombia
Aprender a navegar un bote
  • - Parts of a Sailboat - Marine Signalling

  • - Knots

  • - Buoys

  • - Different types and brands of Sailboats

  • - International Maritime Law

  • - Paper and electronic Navigation Charts

  • - Emergencies at sea

  • - Common global routes

  • - Anchoring and types of anchors

  • - Currents of the world

  • - Useful mobile applications

  • - Tides

  • - Use of GPS and navigation in general

  • - Types and forces of the winds

  • - Online weather forecasts

  • - Beaufort Scale

The boat that is used depends on the number of participants in the course, we have boats available for groups of 2-8 people.

We commonly use the 45-50 foot monohull sailboats that appear on our website. They have 4 private cabins.

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Cursos de veleros colombia
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