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Cursos de Velero 1

Fernado j



A unique experience from start to finish, sailing is exciting and safe. Working as a team and enjoying is the key. What a delight to anchor in calm waters, what a delight to feel the wind and get speed. The people of Veleros Colombia really took pains to give me the best the best attention and teachings. Impeccable boat, a note of route, in short, exceeded expectations.

Cursos de Velero 2



We contacted Veleros Colombia to make a trip from Cartagena 4 nights to Titipan with my two youngest daughters. From the beginning we were very well attended, the explanations were very clear, everything went perfect, the captain of the sailboat (Steven) spectacular, the truth an unforgettable experience, we will use their services without a doubt. A walk that needs to be done


Cursos de Velero 3

Nico S

Cholon ...

The best experience of my life ... an unforgettable weekend ... the dreams come true ... I want to thank all the people who were part of this journey ... I hope to cross them again ... this passion that we share by the sail very surely will unite us in a new trip ... I hope so that it is ... for now it only remains to say good wind good sea ...

PS ... I regret that the pictures swimming with the plankton did not come out, I still have to ...

Cursos de Velero 4

Fernando M

Unique experience


During 3 days of travel between Cartagena and the San Bernardo del Viento Archipelago, the instructor and the captain carry out the instructions and give all the explanations related to all the movements. The experience allows you to concentrate on the activity and leave the routine aside. It was a total disconnection! Highly recommended and offers an alternative in Cartagena. The trip offers a lot of contact with nature and appreciating exclusive landscapes.

Cursos de Velero 5

Excellent Introductory Course

It was an excellent experience. Not only a sailing course, but a tour of our Rosario and San Bernardo Islands. Both the instructors and the traveling companions lived up to our expectations. I recommend it 100%.


Cursos de Velero 6

It is best to swim with the stars

They are the best sailboats in Cartagena. The captain a genius! We had wonderful! A thousand times to live it again !! Congratulations!


Cursos de Velero 7

Wonderful experience

It is an experience that all people should have at least once in their lives. What you feel in a sailboat, the sea, the sun, the wind, that feeling of freedom ... that added to the kindness and the delicate and diligent treatment of the crew: many thanks for the kindness, wise, and excellent comrades Thank you all for those three wonderful days !!!


Cursos de Velero 8

Our Best Trip!

I went with my husband who is French and we loved it! There's nothing like getting up at 5 to go out on the deck and have a fresh coffee. Rachid, the captain is a super host, always attentive and willing to teach us everything about this sailing experience. For my husband it was the first time on a sailboat, and we were lucky to sail next to dolphins. The atmosphere is super quiet, you feel a lot of peace and tranquility. Super recommended! We will definitely be back! Thank you

Odette H

Cursos de Velero 9



I love to travel and sail with Sailboats Colombia! besides that the captain is incredible and cooks the best ceviche in the world there is always a new adventure to discover with him. The best thing was to sleep on the deck and be able to feel the birds, the moon and see the sun rising at dawn, all this from my hammock that ruined me with the waves! The best experience, you have to do it once in your life! Thank you Veleros Colombia for making me discover that I am a navigator who has talent and loves the sea more than anything!


Cursos de Velero 10

The experience of sailing at sea is unique, you have enough time to take control of the ship and know how to face the winds to reach the proposed destination. You learn the navigation techniques and each part of the boat. The sites you visit are spectacular to snorkel and enjoy local food. Alvaro Rey

Alvaro R

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